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  • Avoid These Dangerous Exercises At The Gym

    How do you know that you are performing your exercises in a safe way? Bellow is some points on how these exercises that are potentially dangerous can be done correctly or avoided completely.


    The well known abdominal exercise known as the sit-up, incline sit-up and hip-raises are exercises that are used to train the upper and lower abdominals.

    They are performed by first placing your feet on the floor or under a large object which prevents you from sliding back. Then lifting your shoulders up towards your feet, which then tense your abdominal muscles at the top of the movement. Then as you lower your shoulders back down and then repeating that numerous times.

    The dangers within this exercise are the shearing forces on the vertebrae and spinal discs when you have a flexed and rounded spine. When in this position of the sit-up, the majority of the pressure is being placed on a small area of the disc, which can then cause small ruptures.

    The most productive and safest way to train the abdominal muscles is to use the brace and hollow technique. This is a basic exercise that will help to strengthen the abdomen.

    Pec Deck

    The exercise ‘Pec Deck” trains the chest (pectorals) and shoulder (front deltoid) muscles.

    By sitting at the machine this exercise will be performed with your back flat against the back pad. Placing your forearms on the padded levers and then position your upper arms parallel to the ground.

    Push the levers together slowly as you squeeze your chest muscles at the end of the movement. Return slowly to the starting position of the exercise.

    This exercise places the shoulder into one of its least stable positions, the dislocation position, which makes it potentially dangerous. Because of the extreme position when performing this exercise at the starting position it can also cause tearing of the ligaments.

    More effective and less dangerous exercises you may like to perform is the bench press, keeping the arms at shoulder width which exercises in the strongest range or motion.

    Behind the neck Press

    This exercise will train the neck and shoulder muscles and is performed by placing a loaded barbell onto your upper back just above the neck. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart then placing your hands on the bar above.

    Pushing the bar to arm’s length, holding then slowly lowering back down to your shoulder height. This exercise can also be done seated. Try performing this exercise on a power rack for added safety.

    This exercise places the shoulder joint into the dislocation position; this exercise also puts unnecessary stress on the tendons of the shoulders.

    Many people can experience injuries from this exercise. Stick with dips and bench presses for any shoulder work.

    Leg extensions

    Leg extensions are on of the most popular leg exercises for strengthening the thigh muscles.

    This exercise is done by using a leg extension machine and sitting in the seat with your feet under the padded lever. Raise the weight with your legs until your legs are pointing straight out in front of you. Hold for a short amount of time, and then slowly lower the weight back to the starting position.

    This exercise is potentially dangerous because it increases join compression forces, which can also damage the connective tissue and the ligaments that support the knee joint. It can also cause anterior knee pain.

    For safer exercises and equal effectiveness, try the Squat, Leg Presses and Lunges.